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On the Edge

The DMP newsletter


Current Contents (Volume I, Issue 3, Nov/Dec 2005):

African Scientists Unite to Combat Environmental Change
A new network called AFRICANESS strengthens ties to the global Earth System Science Partnership.


Regulatory Reform Needed for Agroforestry Development
Recommendations from the workshop, if implemented could accelerate the spread of dryland agroforestry.


Medicine Heals Wounded Biodiversity in Niger

People protect what they value - including biodiversity that carries important medical properties.


Engaging Farmers in Research and Scaling-Up

DMP members put on their participatory hats to learn how to better relate to farmers. But can they really learn while having so much fun? Click the link above to find out.


Niger and Burkina Faso Plan DMP Phase II
Impact takes center stage in West Africa for DMP's second phase.


Who Cares? South Africa does
DMP-South Africa meets with its close partner, the LandCare program of North West Province.

Innovative Land Restoration in West Africa
A DMP member from South Africa gives a fresh perspective.

Jump-Starting High Value Tree Crops in Kenya
Four Kenyans visited ICRISAT-Niamey to learn how grafting can convert rugged but unsavory trees into fruit-bearing, income-earning wonders.

Botswana gets FIRM
Six scientists from Botswana sailed the Dune Sea of Namibia to absorb the FIRM approach for community-based sustainable land management.

Improving Decisions with DSSAT
Continuing the DMP's commitment to develop member skills in cutting-edge science, this workshop trained participants on the latest computer simulation modeling techniques for crop and farming systems research.

DMP Coordinator Spreads Message in Japan

Strengthening partnerships with the Government of Japan and JIRCAS, Dr. Saidou Koala talks about the exciting potential of microdosing and warrantage to boost food production in the Sahel.



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