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Niger and Burkina Faso Plan DMP Phase II


Following the important DMP Global Steering Committee Meeting in April, Niger held its national planning meeting during 28-30 June 2005 at the INRAN Regional Centre at Kollo. More than 40 staff of national research institutions attended along with NGO, project and farmer representatives. They discussed results, experiences and knowledge gained during DMP Phase I, and planned Phase II activities.

The meeting was opened by Dr Mahaman Issaka, Director Général of INRAN in the presence of Dr Ramadjita Tabo, DMP Regional Coordinator, WCA.  The objectives of Phase II were explained. In view of the impact expectation of the second phase, it was confirmed that 70% of the budget would be allocated to the dissemination of promising technologies to farmers.

Burkina Faso

A methodology workshop was held from 23-24 June 2005 at the Centre de Recherches Environnementales, Agricoles et de Formation de Kamboinsé (CREAF) to plan Phase II activities and budgets. More than 40 participants attended the workshop.

The key output is a document entitled “DMP/GEF Methodologies Workshop - Report on Phase II” which synthesizes all the activities to be carried out during the second phase of the project.

During the workshop two major directions were agreed. The first one delineates two key research areas: gaining a better understanding of ecosystem dynamics, and disseminating technologies to combat desertification. The second major direction focuses on the recuperation of degraded lands, and capacity-building.

  • These activities will be carried out by partners in technical Ministries and NGOs. To execute these activities, Memoranda of Understanding were signed with the following partners:

  • Three regional offices of environment for Acacia senegal and Ziziphus tree production;

  • Three regional offices of agriculture and hydraulics for training and supervision of producers in land rehabilitation and promising crops to improve farmer revenues;

  • Three regional offices for animal resources and for supervision and training in forage production;

  • The project 'Front de Terre' will help in the rehabilitation of 500 ha of degraded lands with the plough delphino plough; and

  • FNGN and CRUS will lead in capacity-building and sensitization of producers.


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