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Though it has been in existence for just two years, the DMP has made good progress towards its objectives. Here are some achievements that will be written up in the coming weeks. Also see these links.

  • Site characterization in Burkina Faso, Niger

  • Threatened or lost species in Mali, and Botanical Garden of the Desert

  • Protecting biodiversity in Senegal (mise en defens)

  • Documenting natural resource management policies in Kenya

  • Indicators of land degradation in Botswana

  • Community cooperation to raise incomes through organic farming: Rooibos tea production in South Africa

  • Socio-economics, environment and vegetation in Namibia

  • Ecorestore, a decision support system in Namibia

  • DMP in Zimbabwe

  • Diversifying systems for sustainable prosperity: The Sahelian EcoFarm and African Market Garden

  • An integrated water, soil-water-nutrient management model by TSBF/CIAT

  • Documenting agroforestry technologies by ICRAF

  • Characterizing the Fakara, Niger site by ILRI

  • Carbon sequestration methodologies by CEH

  • Developing environmental policies by CIRAD and IRD

  • An example of a decision support tool to manage biodiversity

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