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Greening Africa's desert margins (a UNEP press release on the launch of the DMP, Nov. 2002)

The CGIAR fights desertification in Africa  (Ian Johnson, CGIAR Chairman, 2000)

How the DMP builds on local knowledge (1999 article from CGIAR Newsletter, now on World Bank website)

The meaning of the DMP logo (French) (English)

Monitoring and evaluation of local development plans in Senegal

Sahel info - DMP blog

Combating desertification in Kenya (an IDRC synopsis of the DMP's work there)

Indigenous knowledge: A resource kit by Steve Langill (an IDRC/Kenya DMP initiative)

Optimizing fallow use in millet cropping systems in Mali (brief outline of study)

Land care in the Suid Bokkeveld region of South Africa: Conserving biodiversity and enhancing livelihoods (EMG)

The role of CGIAR Centers in combating desertification Asia by Dr. Saidou Koala


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